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09 Nov 2023

Abstract: As the power reduction through device scaling slows, exploratory materials, devices, and circuits are being examined to open new paths for achieving energy-efficiency especially as the demand for information storage and processing grows exponentially. This new-found freedom of breaking out of ��CMOS scaling�� introduces many new opportunities to do things completely differently�use a different material, invent a new device that operates on a different physical mechanism, and explore a new circuit function for computing that capitalizes on the unique properties of the new devices. Research in this area is truly multidisciplinary as it brings together the researchers who are focused toward the exploration of a new device and interconnect, or function for a more energy-efficient integrated circuit for computing. Computation based on the emerging devices is not limited to just digital information processing but also encompasses non-Boolean computation, including analog, neuromorphic computing, and novel concepts in computer automata. This two-day virtual workshop brings together leading researchers in this field to present the latest advances and to discuss the challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us.

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