Hybrid Power Converters Transcript

12 Nov 2018
Axel Thomsen
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Switched Mode Power Converters are important building blocks for energy efficient systems. Traditionally we have seen inductive power converter, more recently switched capacitor power converters. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. A new class of hybrid converters tries to combine inductors and capacitors to overcome those weaknesses. This talk presents 4 example designs that show the potential of such hybrids.

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Axel Thomsen was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied at the Technische Universitaet Braunschweig and received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has worked for The University of Alabama in Huntsville, University of Texas, and Silicon Labs in Austin. Currently he is an Engineering Fellow at Cirrus Logic in Austin. He has been Analog and Power management subcommittee chair for ISSCC. He is a generalist in analog design, with specific focus on amplifiers and feedback systems.
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