CMOS Millimeter-wave Transceiver Design Video

CMOS Millimeter-wave Transceiver Design Video
Posted: 12 Dec 2018
Kenichi Okada
Time: 00:01:50

The wireless communication is one of the key technologies for realizing super smart society. The conventional omnidirectional wireless communication using microwave has been studied so far, and now the directional wireless communication using millimeter-wave 30-300GHz is opening a new technology field of communication. The directional wireless communication using the millimeter-wave spectrum can accept spatial co-existence and multiplexing as well as use of wide frequency bandwidth. This talk will explain basic system-level design of millimeter-wave transceiver as well as modeling and simulation for CMOS technology. Next, some design examples of millimeter-wave transceivers will be explained, which achieves 50Gbps and 120Gbps at 60GHz and 100GHz, respectively. The talk concludes with a discussion on future directions of millimeter-wave wireless communication.

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